James O’Neill

Branch Manager / Fire Engineer

James has a Bachelor degree in Structural Engineering, a Masters and a Ph.D. in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. James has developed both fire engineering and structural fire engineering strategies and designs on projects throughout Australia, the United States, and New Zealand, with a specific emphasis on mixed-use residential and commercial buildings, and large industrial complexes.

James has a strong grounding in the behavior of structural timber assemblies in fire, and has co-authored numerous design guidelines on the fire design of heavy timber assemblies such as LVL,glulam, and CLT systems, and been included on the standards committee revising fire design for timber structures in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his considerable level of expertise with timber structures he has experience in the analysis of steel and concrete structures for a wide range of applications for both proposed developments and for the adaptive re-use of existing structures.

James has been heavily involved in the renovation and upgrade work of heritage buildings, and takes a holistic approach to both fire safety strategies and design for the preservation of heritage features while achieving a practical degree of performance.