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Autodesk, Pier 9

Holmes Fire worked with Autodesk to convert part of an existing shed on Pier 9 to become the Autodesk Creative Workshop and Machine Shop. The multifunctional space includes state-of-the-art 3D printing machines; a metal, wood, and CNC shop; and office spaces.

Holmes Fire worked with the Port Fire Marshal to meet the design goals of Autodesk as well as fire and life safety requirements. Glass rolling doors were a primary architectural feature of the space. A fire separation was required to meet prescriptive code. The addition of a fire door was a large project cost. Holmes Fire provided an alternative solution that allowed the proposed unrated glass rolling doors to remain, without any additional fire rated doors. The alternative solution involved upgraded suppression and detection incorporated into the design at a minimal cost to the project. An estimate of the cost savings reached half a million dollars.