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Wellington New Regional Hospital (NRH)

Holmes Fire was the Fire Engineer for this $350 million redevelopment of the Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) hospital sites at both Newtown and Kenepuru. The centrepiece of this extensive 5 year project was the construction of a new hospital building at the Newtown site. This consisted of almost 50,000 m2 (540,000 ft2) of new build including Operating Theatres, ICU, NICU and other critical care facilities and in-patient wards and out-patient facilities.

Holmes Fire received an ACENZ Innovate Award for our work on this site, the commendation citing the successful integration of the fire engineering design into the “model of care”. Some of the significant successes able to be achieved through the performance based fire engineering design were:

• Increasing the number of beds permitted per firecell in wards from 20 (prescriptive Code maximum) to 36

• Incorporating nurse and other staff facilities into the ward firecells with fire separation

• Rationalising the fire alarm system design so only affected areas evacuate during a fire emergency

• Implementing a passive smoke control strategy for the main entry atrium feature

• Providing construction monitoring services in which all penetrations through fire separation were labelled and QA checked

The ultimate success of this project is demonstrated by the fact the Holmes Fire continues to be the fire engineer of choice for CCDHB capital projects at Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals, having delivered those services for over 80 discrete projects over more than 20 years.

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