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Nationwide News Printing Facility

Nationwide News’ existing print production facility located at Chullora was to be extended to accommodate a new 500-tonne printing press. An additional 8,500 m2 would be added to the existing 29,500 m2, requiring extension of the Press Hall, Publishing Hall and Dispatch Area.

Following Holmes Fire’s assessment of the proposed extensions against the Building Code of Australia Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions, Holmes Fire prepared a performance-based fire engineering design to justify reduced fire resistance levels of structural steel columns and beams, resulting in minimal requirements for passive protection; reduced perimeter access provisions for emergency vehicles, enabling the extension to work within the existing constraints of the site; rationalisation of the smoke exhaust system enabling a combination of mechanical and natural smoke venting; removal of the need to pressurise fire-isolated passageways; and non-compliant locations of the fire hydrants, enabling them to be positioned around the site in the most economical way.

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