Alexandria Community School Hallway

Alexandria Park Community School

Proving Temporary Doesn't Have to Be Boring


Sydney, Australia



Year Completed



TKD Architects

Consulting Engineer


Holmes Team

James O’Neill, Sarnia Rusbridge

This temporary school is planned as a pop-up design to temporarily house the students until the complete project is completed. This temporary facility includes performance space, two science laboratories and prep rooms, a technology unity and a visual arts space along with classrooms.  

The development was an ambitious take on providing temporary school structures to extend the existing school complex. A holistic fire safety design was developed, combining structural fire engineering methods and advanced egress analysis, such that the final building design was both buildable and functional. This also allowed for the aesthetic appeal of the untouched exposed steel structure to be emphasised, with the industrial features remaining at the forefront of the design.  

Advanced occupant warning and alert systems were utilised in the fire engineering design to greatly enhance building evacuation measures. The fire engineering design also introduced a high level of flexibility and customisation into the prefabrication process, which enabled fast on-site erection, improved quality control and thus a simpler, safer overall solution.

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