Earthquake Survivor Repurposed




San Francisco, United States

Year Completed


Floor Area

87,000 SF

Architect & Imagery

BAR Architects



Holmes Team

Bevan Jones, Bob Vezis

Sustainable Benchmark

LEED Platinum

This historic nine-story building was constructed in 1904 with unreinforced masonry and a terracotta facade. 1095 Market survived San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake as well as the subsequent fires that consumed the building’s interior. Previously an office building, this high-rise underwent a change-of-use to become a hotel with retail and assembly space on the ground floor and roof levels.

Holmes Fire’s fire protection upgrade strategy allowed a historic staircase connecting seven levels to remain open for egress purposes, increasing the building’s floor area while maintaining natural lighting.

Holmes Structures undertook undertook the seismic retrofit of this historically significant structure, bringing it up to current code without impacting its defining masonry facade. Minimal concrete shear walls fit discretely within the original layout of the building, preserving the original hallways and interior spaces. The structure was reinforced with concrete walls and diaphragm overlays.

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