Keryn Goble

Keryn has extensive expertise in performance-based fire safety design. She provides fire safety solutions that cater for client’s individual requirements for a wide range of building types, including multi-storey open office buildings, theatre and auditorium buildings, large retail developments, high rise residential and alterations to existing buildings. Keryn has a wealth of experience in application of computer smoke modelling and egress design to complex buildings. She has an interest in all aspects of fire engineering, from the initial design through to construction and ongoing fire safety over the life of the building.

Keryn has been practising fire engineering since 2006, having received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in fire engineering from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand, an International Professional Engineer, a Member of SFPE International and for 2018-2019 Keryn is the Vice President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SPFE) New Zealand Chapter.

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