Mike Inwood

Mike attended the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, specialising in the areas hydraulics and structural design, before going on to complete master’s degree in fire engineering.

As part of the master’s course he completed a research report assessing the performance of modern concretes at elevated temperature. This included furnace testing panels of light weight aggregate and high strength (>180 MPa) concrete variants at the BRANZ fire testing laboratory.

Mike has been providing fire engineering design, including smoke control and egress modelling for over 18 years. He has experience in large crowd (>30,000 people) pedestrian movement modelling for stadia and events, significant education and research buildings and industrial or special risk projects. Mike also has been involved as the senior design engineer in many large projects, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He also has significant experience working remotely, utilising web conferencing and internet based tools to communicate effectively with the client and design teams across the globe.

Mike is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and a Member of the Engineering NZ (CMEngNZ)

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